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Prayer Volunteer: Jasmine Ye

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Jasmine Ye is one of the incredible volunteers who makes Mercy what it is today. It doesn’t take too much time with Jasmine to realize she has heart filled with love for the people of Athens. She quickly found a home serving on the prayer team while in college. This gave her the opportunity to interact and pray with patients about whatever needs they were willing to share. Because this was such a natural fit for Jasmine, she has continued to lead the volunteer prayer team despite the rigors of being a full time nurse.

We could go on and on about how phenomenal Jasmine has been over the years. However, our words would undoubtedly fall short. What better to get to know her than reading her own description of her time at Mercy.

“There are so many things I love about Mercy Health Center.  I have always felt like they are the hands and feet of Jesus in Athens.  When I read about Jesus in the Gospels, I see how He brought the kingdom of heaven through healing and preaching the Good News; we get to do this on a daily basis at Mercy!  We see lives transformed by the healing and redemptive power of our loving God.

I love the people who serve at Mercy.  It’s such an eclectic mix of people interested in healthcare and people.  The staff is incredibly intentional, kind, and patient; and I have learned so much about the fruit of the Spirit from watching how they do life. The volunteers are so enthusiastic and work with excellence; it really feels like family every time you serve at a clinic together.

Personally, God has taught me a lot about loving people well at Mercy.  Especially in healthcare, it can be all too easy to solely focus on physical needs and tasks.  Without God’s gentle reminders, I forget that patients are people made in His image.  One of Mercy’s core values is that we see a person as a holistic being with a body, soul, and spirit; and we want to do all we can to minister to that person as a whole. Mercy is an incredible blessing to this city, and I am so thankful I get to partner with God in what He’s doing here.”

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