Here’s what’s happening in and around Mercy Health Center!

Athens Patch: Demand for Free Health Care Growing in Athens, Ga.

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Mercy Health Center in Athens GA provides quality medical & dental care to our uninsured and low income neighbors.

From Ian Branam’s article in today’s Athens Patch:

“The demand for free health care in the Athens area far exceeds what Mercy Health Center and the Athens Nurses Clinic are able to provide.

“We have hundreds of people calling for ten slots,” said Mary Baxter, office manager for Mercy Health Center. “We want to care for the patients we have, care for them well, but we have limited resources.”

Mercy operates on a first-come, first-served basis. They open a call-in line on Tuesday nights,, and the first ten people who get through will be given appointments.

“If we could recruit (volunteers) for every day of the week, we would be open every day of the week,” said Baxter.