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Mercy Health Center Receives Funding from the Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary

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The Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary awarded Mercy Health Center with a $1000 grant to cover the cost of cessation drugs and products for the patients who are the working poor as part of smoking cessation classes are held quarterly at Mercy in conjunction with ARMC for Mercy patients. While ARMC covers the cost of the instructor and course materials, funding is needed to to pay for the materials.

AACA awarded Mercy Health Center the grant at their annual meeting held in May.

“The Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary is so pleased to award this money to Mercy,” said AACA President Natalie Glenn. “Mercy Health Center is an invaluable resource in our community.”

The Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary is a volunteer organization that works to eradicate cancer through education, awareness, service projects, and fundraising efforts to support local cancer causes.