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Moving Towards a Medical Home

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Many of us are familiar with the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh who once said,  “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Here at Mercy Health Center, we consider the work done by our doctors as magnificent masterpieces; however without the necessary funds, our doctors are not able to continue perfecting their great work.

Without adequate access to healthcare, easily treated diseases can turn into deadly threats. While Mercy has fought to expand access to care, it has not been able to consistently offer continuity and acute care due to staffing and space limitations.Yet, God again has answered prayers and opened avenues for growth.

This past year, we were blessed with no small gift. Rather, we received a new, large building to be our medical home, and that is not where the good news ended. With thankful hearts we announce two more gracious gifts providing us the opportunity to, again, continue great work for our community. Both Wells Fargo and Walton Electric Trust, Inc. each granted $2,000 towards our continuity and acute care expansion program. A total of $4,000 has been granted, with applications to two more foundations for $5,000 outstanding.

With the necessary space, a commitment from a growing number of primary care doctors, and finally the funding, Mercy feels it can expand again to meet the community’s need for continuity and acute care.

Continuity care describes a medical environment where one medical provider follows the same patients consistently. This allows the provider to develop a relationship with patients, greatly enhancing the quality of care provided. Acute care is a medical environment where care is provided for brief, rapid onset, and severe illness or injury. A healthy medical home encompasses both of these medical environments.  Mercy Health Center is proud to be that home for our community’s low-income, uninsured. Van Gogh and others might describe the great things happening at Mercy as a “series of small things brought together” – a beautiful masterpiece of Mercy.