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October’s Volunteer of the Month: Roy Vasquez!

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Congratulations to Roy Vasquez , our October Volunteer of the Month! Roy has consistently demonstrated a servant’s heart, going above and beyond as an Interpreter and Check Out volunteer to help our Spanish-speaking patients receive the best care we can possibly provide them. Something so seemingly simple as translating between languages is incredibly important when it comes to a patient’s ability to communicate their need to our providers and to understand any instructions given for medications. Thanks for all you do for our patients, Roy!

“Roy Vazquez  is a person whose character traits are rarely found all together in one person. He is humble, yet very intelligent and, although knowledgeable, he keeps a teachable spirit – so desirable in a team member! Roy is always willing to serve others with kindness and compassion.  He has a joy within that spills out and transmits easily to others! Thank you for all you do, Roy! You are a blessing to all of us!” – Dr. Kattia Blanco, Interpreting Team Leader