Here’s what’s happening in and around Mercy Health Center!


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The issue of health care reform seems to be the topic of all network news and talk shows and the front-page story in most newspapers. While Congress considers this issue, Mercy Health Center continues serving many of our uninsured neighbors in the Athens area.

Mercy is an extension of the Christian community, providing physical and spiritual care for more than 3,000 patients in this area. We’re not a political organization, but one of the more than 100 free clinics in Georgia.

Mercy provides free medical, dental and pharmacy services to people, regardless of religion, who have no other source for care. To qualify for services at Mercy, an individual cannot have private insurance, can’t be eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, and can’t have income greater than 150 percent of the federally defined poverty level.

Mercy does not receive any government funding, but is supported solely by individuals, businesses, churches, grants and foundations. Our contributors are community members who have a heart for the poor.

Mercy is a volunteer-driven organization utilizing the services of more than 400 people, including doctors, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, dental hygienists and interpreters, among others. Mercy volunteers already have donated more than 6,000 hours of service this year.

Mercy is providing critical patient care in the Athens region with a distinct approach – whole person care. While the health care discussion continues, please take a moment to thank God and pray for our many volunteers helping the uninsured today. If you’d like to know more, come see us at 767 Oglethorpe Ave. in Athens, or go to