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Mercy | A Medical “Foster” Home

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We are so grateful to College of Public Health students, Parveen Dhillon and Alex Auger, who spent their spring semester internship doing research at Mercy. One question they worked to answer was, “On average, how many years do patients spend at Mercy Health Center before transitioning out of the health care gap?” As an organization, one of Mercy’s goals is to serve as a temporary medical home for those in need, helping to restore patients to health so they can pursue employment opportunities that offer health benefits.


What we discovered was that only 10% of MHC’s current patients have been at the clinic for more than 5 years. Further, almost half of our patients have transitioned out of the healthcare gap after two years. This finding confirms that Mercy is meeting its goal of providing temporary assistance. We like to say we are serving as a “Medical ‘Foster’ Home” for our underserved neighbors. Our hope and prayer is that the care we give our patients will continue to enable them to pursue their dreams, care for their families, and obtain better employment and health benefits, enabling them to transition out of our care and to other medical homes in the Greater Athens Area.

Year in Which Current Patients Where Enrolled/% of Patient Population:
2004 -0.39%
2005 -0.39%
2006 -1.17%
2007 -3.13%
2008 -4.69%
2009 -8.59%
2010 -10.16%
2011 -22.66%
2012 -25.78%
2013 -23.05%