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Mercy Health Center Receives $5,000 Plum Creek Foundation Grant

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Funds to Support Supplies for Expanding Acute Care

ATHENS, Ga. – Mercy Health Center, a community clinic that provides physical, emotional and spiritual care to low-income, uninsured Athens area residents, was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Plum Creek Foundation to purchase supplies for expanding acute care.

Mercy Health Center provides free medical, pharmacy, dental and health education services to more than 1,500 patients living in its six-county service area who are uninsured and have an income below 150 percent of the federal poverty level. According to a report by the U.S Census Bureau, 15.7 percent of Americans are uninsured. Without adequate access to health care, easily treated diseases can turn into deadly threats.

“The Plum Creek grant will allow us to purchase much needed equipment and supplies to provide quality continuity of care to our patients and support for the whole family unit,” said Tracy Thompson, executive director of Mercy Health Center. “Healthy people are able to promote their communities’ social, economic, environmental and spiritual success. We believe the number of lives Mercy touches is exponentially greater than the number of patients who walk through our door to receive quality free whole-person care.”

Due to staffing and space limitations, previously Mercy Health Center has not been able to offer acute care, which is a medical environment where care is provided for brief, rapid-onset and severe illness or injury. With the facilities now available and four volunteer doctors to see patients on a weekly or biweekly basis, Mercy Health Center will expand to meet the community’s need for acute care.

“Plum Creek supports Mercy Health Center’s efforts to keep the community healthy and improve the quality of life in the Athens area,” said Jim Rundorff, senior director of land asset management for Plum Creek in Georgia. “We are proud to help a clinic focused on better health for everyone.”

The Plum Creek Foundation supports non-profit organizations that improve the overall quality of life in the communities where Plum Creek operates.  The Foundation board meets quarterly to review submitted grant applications.  Visit to download an application and learn more about the foundation grant program in addition to other ways that Plum Creek is serving its communities.