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Mercy Takes “The Plunge”

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One may say, “It is the greatest display of courage ever seen.” Another may call it, “dressing up like a superhero and testing the limits of hypothermia.” Still others consider this an opportunity to enjoy a warm fire with hot cocoa. There is only one event these people could be referring to…

“The Plunge!” 

Mercy is so thankful to be named as one of the beneficiaries, along with the Athens Health Network, of this year’s Athens Rotary Club Polar Bear Plunge Fest. This event will take place on February 8th at Sandy Creek Park. The fun gets started at 11:00am and will consist of a freezing swim, lunch, entertainment, and the previously mentioned hot cocoa to follow.

With teams already being formed, it’s easy to join or create a team of your own. Once you are registered, all that’s left to do is think of what you will be wearing when you charge into the water. With prizes for the best costumes, we invite you to be as creative as you like.

Not to be lost in the excitement, this will also be a day for Mercy to celebrate and appreciate its wonderful volunteers. The excellence of Mercy as an organization is due in large part to the willingness of more than 700 volunteers to selflessly serve the people of Athens.

So, are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to make The Plunge? Build your team. Create a costume. And come have fun. Because no matter how you define The Plunge (adventurous, courageous, insane), it is ultimately a chance to support a great cause. And lets be honest, whose ideal Saturday doesn’t have at least one refreshing dip in the lake?

If you are brave enough, click here to join the PLUNGE!