Here’s what’s happening in and around Mercy Health Center!

One of the ways Mercy provides whole-person care to a patient population with a chronic disease prevalence that is 2 and 3 times greater than that found in insured populations is by providing pharmacy education, refills, and prescription assistance programming. Since the founding of Mercy Health Center, the clinic has assisted patients in getting the medications they need to treat or manage their disease states.

In order to further incorporate an empowerment model throughout the clinic’s services, Mercy is partnering with the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy to provide pharmacy education appointments targeted to improve chronic disease management. Additionally, this year Mercy began administering its own prescription assistance program to help patients access expensive pharmaceuticals, such as insulin and inhalers.

The benefit Mercy provides to the community reaches beyond its patients to the students who participate in the provision of that care. This is especially true of Mercy’s partnership with the University of Georgia’s Pharmacy School. Every pharmacy student spends time at Mercy as part of his or her curriculum.

Several foundations have been instrumental in helping fund Mercy’s pharmacy program including, Wells Fargo Foundation, Walton EMC Foundation, and Plum Creek Foundation. We are so grateful for their support!

“A joyful heart is good medicine”
Proverbs 17:22